Your support means the world.

We are independent and old school in our approach. It’s all about the musical integrity, fun and connection for us. We appreciate it when our loyal supporters bring new people to our gigs, its a great way to support us. Also an extra big thank you to all of you who book us, purchase our albums, and band merchandise. We love knowing who our fans are truly grateful for your support.

We sincerely thank you with, deep appreciation for the thousands of people who have been an integral part of the 8 Ball Aitken journey so far. I have had the pleasure to meet so many warm hearted supportive good folk. I am truly grateful for every ounce of love and assistance, I have been so very lucky to receive over many years of travelling the world. You all know who you are.

It might be a long way to the top, but the journey, the music and the people make the dream come true. 

See you at a gig!


8 Ball Aitken